IMBAS (pronounced 'im-bus') is an Old Irish word meaning 'poetic inspiration'. IMBAS is an organization that promotes the spiritual path of Senistrognata, the ancestral customs of the Celtic peoples. It is a path open to Pagans, Christians, and Agnostics alike. Please feel free to read the IMBAS Mission Statement.

IMBAS was originally incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Washington, but has not been active for several years now. This site is being maintained mainly for historical interest.


About IMBAS:

An Tríbhís Mhór: A Quarterly Journal of Celtic Spirituality
IMBAS Ard-Fheis (National Convention) 1999
IMBAS Constitution
IMBAS Leadership
IMBAS Mailing List
IMBAS Reading List
What We Mean By Celtic Reconstructionism
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Articles Available on this Site:

Basic Celtic Deity Types
Celtic Deities
Celtic Links
Celtic Mythological Texts
Celtic Values
The Elements of the Dúile
An Essay on Sacrifice
The Excellence of Ancient Word
Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism
Following A Celtic Path
An Irish Myth Concordance
Lá Fhéile Bríde (Iombolg) Ritual
Modern Irish words for prayer, invocation, blessing, etc.
Neocelts: A Modern Celtic Religion
Ninth Wave: Song of Aimirgen
A Pagan's Guide to Dublin
Power and Landscape in Ireland
Quick Reference List for Irish Druidic Symbolism
Related Religions
Samhain: Season of Death and Renewal
Takin' It All Home: Translating Our Ritual Structure to Personal Space

Articles Available Elsewhere:

Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology
The Cauldron of Poesy
Celt?: A Letter by Alexei Kondratiev
Celtic Law - A Short Summary
Celtic Religion - What Information Do We Really Have?
Every Ogham Thing on the Web
A Guide to the Druids and Celtic Spirituality
Imbas Forosnai by Nora K. Chadwick
Stones of Ireland
What We Don't Know About the Ancient Celts

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