IMBAS Council Agenda 1.5

  1. Officially open the session and welcome the new Councillors (including explaining the parliamentary procedure used by the Council). COMPLETED

  2. Waive any claim by IMBAS to the rights of the Celtic Reconstructionist book edited by Francine Nicholson or compensation. PASSED BY VOTE OF 8-1

  3. Officially confirm Mary Walker as the Chair of the Education Committee (A), re-confirm Mary Walker as Secretary of IMBAS (B) and Chair of the Membership Committee (C), and re-confirm Danielle Ní Dhighe as Editor-in-Chief (D) and Treasurer (E). (SEE MINUTES)

  4. Officially confirm Polly Crawford as Registered Agent in the State of Washington. PASSED BY VOTE OF 9-0

  5. Discuss the Treasurer's Annual Report. POSTPONED - (SEE MINUTES)

  6. Discuss the matter of an elected Councillor who was replaced.

  7. Discuss and vote on the following Motion: All officers and committee chairs must be members of IMBAS before being appointed to office.

  8. Committees
    a. Re-evaluate all committees before new chairs are appointed, with a full description of the scope and purpose posted for discussion and approval by the Council.
    b. Define the duties and rights of Committee Chairs (including the need for regular status reports to the Council).
    c. Appoint and/or confirm committee chairs.
    d. Discuss and vote on the following Motion: All members of committees shall be required to be members of IMBAS.

  9. Discuss Officer positions (recruiting, nominations, confirmations, etc.).

  10. Discuss ways to make IMBAS' focus more Pan-Celtic.

  11. Discuss the need for a Constitutional Convention.

  12. Discuss plans for our first Dáil in 1999.

  13. Discuss the need for a Membership Director.

  14. Discuss netiquette for the IMBAS Mailing List.

  15. Discuss idea of a free online e-zine journal.

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