IMBAS Ard-Fheis 1999: Motions

  1. Motion made to change name of imbas-list to imbas-public. APPROVED

  2. Motion made to add disclaimer to imbas-public as footer explaining that posts to the list are not to be taken as official IMBAS policy unless it is explicitly stated that they are. APPROVED

  3. Motion made to move imbas-public to as soon as possible. APPROVED

  4. Motion made that all Councillors and Officers are to provide full contact information to the Council. APPROVED

  5. Motion made to amend the Constitution to allow the Brehon Council to investigate cases of Councillors and Officers who have been inactive for a month without a previous request for a leave of absence and to remove inactive Councillors and Officers if necessary. APPROVED - WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE MEMBERSHIP FOR FINAL APPROVAL

  6. Motion made to allow the Brehon Council to employ a third party to carry out the investigation. APPROVED

  7. Motion made to encourage Councillors and Officers to resign if they cannot fulfill their duties. APPROVED

  8. Motion made to appoint Mike Wilson as Membership Officer. APPROVED

  9. Motion made to form Committee to re-evaluate the current Constitution. APPROVED

  10. Motion made to ask Llew Thomas and Alexei Kondratiev to serve on the Constitutional Re-Evaluation Committee along with the Brehons, the Members' Advocate, and any other volunteers. APPROVED

  11. Motion made to appoint Regional Coordinators to form local study groups, provide information on IMBAS and Celtic Reconstructionism within their local areas, and to act as liaisons between local IMBAS groups and the Council. APPROVED

  12. Motion made to amend the Constitution to make Old Celtic the primary language within IMBAS with Irish and Welsh as secondary languages. APPROVED - WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE MEMBERSHIP FOR FINAL APPROVAL

  13. Motion made to disband the Publishing Committee in favor of a simplified structure of the An Tríbhís Mhór staff only. APPROVED

  14. Motion made for the Education Committee to recruit new members and choose a new permanent Chair, subject to Council approval. APPROVED

  15. Motion made that the Council should make an effort to locate members with administrative skills and recruit them, also making sure to stress that lack of scholarly credentials does not and should not bar anyone from administrative positions. APPROVED

  16. Motion made to recruit a Circulation/Distribution Director for An Tríbhís Mhór. APPROVED

  17. Motion made to change frequency of An Tríbhís Mhór to 4 issues per year instead of being published strictly on the cross-quarter days. APPROVED

  18. Motion made to de-emphasize focus on holy days in An Tríbhís Mhór. APPROVED

  19. Motion made to delineate the responsibilities of the Advertising Director and ensure that she has the support necessary to do her job. APPROVED

  20. Motion made that back issues and advertising rate cards to be provided to Regional Coordinators. APPROVED

  21. Motion made that Advertising Director is to seek out opportunities to do advertising exchanges and subscription exchanges with other Pagan publications. APPROVED

  22. Motion made to lower advertising rates for An Tríbhís Mhór until circulation improves. APPROVED

  23. Motion made that next issue of An Tríbhís Mhór is to cover the Ard-Fheis. APPROVED

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